This is my illustration portfolio. 

Pop Tarts

Illustration & Hand Lettering

I was contacted by Pop Tarts through Instagram to create three illustrations for promotional products. This was for their Pop Tarts x You campaign where they chose artists who love Pop Tarts to create work for them.

Created: Summer & Fall 2019



Illustration & Hand Lettering

The best place to find my most recent illustration and hand lettering work is my Instagram. I love doing “just-for-fun” projects that I post there often.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Calendar

Illustration & Design

I created this project in college in an illustration class with Mary-Kate McDevitt. Tasked with designing a calendar for a specific company I chose to do a cruise calendar that would be sent out to customers after they had booked a cruise. Each month is an illustration of one of the most popular places to go during that month, and on the back is a description of that place, fun things to do, and useful information. I also created an advent calendar system by making a cruise ship cut out that the user would put in the month that they are going on their cruise.

Created: Spring 2016 while at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University

Art Direction: Mary Kate McDevitt

Photography: Austen Hart

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