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Arts Transform Community


Arts Transform Community, Montana Arts Integration Conference was put on by the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation. The conference taught Montana school teachers how to integrate arts into their classrooms. The theme for the conference was a kaleidoscope. 
Junior Designers:
 Monica Cederberg, Tanner Everard, Gordon Terpe


Brand design, content creation, creative direction, animation 


Winter 2017 - Summer 2018

Mailer Poster

The mailer poster was meant to mimic the kaleidoscope with the folds and shape. Once unfolded it could be hung up in teachers lounges across Montana.


This program was tiered so sections could be found easily. It included a schedule of events, bios of the speakers and room for notes and contact information.

Social Media

The Design & Media Services team at Washington Corporations created all the content and imagery for the Facebook page.


Infographic & Swag

The swag was given out to every attendee. The infographic was created based off survey results after the conference.

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