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Strategic Leaders


The Washington Companies chose high potential employees to participate in a program that helped them become better strategic leaders within the company. The design is meant to give a higher end, luxury feel. I created the brand and creative directed my team for some of the items included with this event. Photography: Gordon Terpe


Brand design, creative direction


Fall 2018 - Summer 2019


The invite booklet was mailed in a transparent envelope. It included what the program was about and when and where it was going to take place.

Welcome Box

The welcome box included a welcome letter, branded Eddie Bauer jacket, wooden gift box that included a trinket from each of the three cities they were going to visit, a Moleskine smart writing kit, and a book they were to read with a custom bookmark. I had a hand it selecting the gifts.

Amenity Baskets

The amenity baskets were put in every attendees hotel room for when they arrived in the city for that section of the program. Each basket included a postcard with information about the city they were visiting, snacks from the city they were visiting, and a custom Strategic Leaders logo cookie.

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