21st Century Learning Conference


Design, Content Creation, Creative Direction, Animation

This conference was put on by the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation to teach local teachers new skills for their classrooms. I wanted to keep with primary colors to give it that “school” feel. I also wanted to make sure that teacher knew this conference was going to be a fun learning experience. I created all of the social media content and directed my team when they helped with the project.

Junior Designers: Monica Cederberg, Tanner Everard, Gordon Terpe

Created: Fall 2018 for Envirocon while at Washington Corporations

Mailer Poster

The mailer poster was a 11 x 17 inch poster folded twice. It came looking like the outside of a book and when you unfolded it the first time it looked like the first page of a chapter with an invite letter. Once you unfolded it all the way it could be used as a poster in teachers lounges in schools across Montana.


The program included the schedule of events, bios of the speakers, and room to take notes during the conference. It also included a custom map so attendees could find their way around and know where to park. In the very back it had space to write down any new contacts they made at the conference.

Website & Social Media



This infographic was created after the conference based on survey results from attendees.


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